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Yan Tan: Investors must learn to adapt to the era of low returns [2015/11/02 08:12]
Xiong Jinqiu: Can't let stocks suspend trading at will to harm investors' interests [2015/11/02 08:12]
Yan Tan: Investors must learn to adapt to the era of low returns [2015/11/02 08:12]
Yi Xianrong: Two-child policy will become an important source of China's economic growth [2015/11/02 08:12]
Pi Haizhou : Do n’t need to turn the board if you want to turn the board .
Jin Hainian : The global economy will be transformed in 2016 [2015/10/30 07:31]
Ye Tan: It is not realistic to expect the pension market to bring a bull market [2015/10/30 07:30]
Cao Zhongming: Negotiating compensation provides new ideas for the protection of stock market rights [2015/10/29 07:31]
Mo Kaiwei : To prevent the central bank's "double-down" sharp weapon from deviating [2015/10/27 08:24]
Ye Tan: Why are some people opposed to A-share " catching monsters " [2015/10/27 07:04]
, Li Yujia: "Double down" will strengthen the real economic capacity of the property market undercarriage [2015/10/27 08:24]
Xiong Jinqiu: Be wary of the "profit" effect of evil stocks to harm the market [2015/10/27 07:04]
Pi Haizhou : The central bank's "double down" is not for the stock market [2015/10/26 07:52]
Ye Tan: Double declining currency easing allows professional investors to enter the golden age [2015/10/26 07:51]
Liang Zhenying: "London-Hong Kong Stock Connect " will bring development opportunities to Hong Kong [2015/10/23 07:20]
Ye Tan: The rise in property market sales is due to currency panic and greed [2015/10/23 07:23]
Ye Tan: Lack of credit causes problems in daily consumption ecology [2015/10/21 08:49]
Feng Yidong: The current priority of the real estate industry is to digest the inventory [2015/10/21 08:50]
, Xi Xianrong: The downward interest rate is an important factor to stimulate the stock market's improvement [2015/10/21 08:48]
Zhou Junsheng: If GDP breaks 7, you don't have to be busy reducing the quasi-rate and interest rate [2015/10/20 07:12]
Xiong Jinqiu: Listed companies "home and family" can be everything [2015/10/19 07:22]
Li Guoqing: Even if Dangdang returns at 2500 points of A shares, it can triple up [2015/10/16 07:35]
Yan Tan: Achieving Fair Wealth Accumulation in a Rule of Law Economy [2015/10/15 08:27]
Yu Fenghui : How CPI's Monetary Policy Goes Down in September [2015/10/15 08:14]
Zhang Monan : The central bank fills the gap in funding levels with an innovative mechanism [2015/10/14 07:44]
Tan Haojun: Import and export data reflects the plight of labor-intensive enterprises [2015/10/14 07:42]
Ye Tan: The key to the success of the central bank's water release still depends on high-risk assets [2015/10/13 08:03]
Yu Fenghui : IMF's advice is sincere and feasible [2015/10/13 06:59]
Tan Haojun: To reduce financing costs can not rely on shouting slogans [2015/10/12 07:24]
Cheng Rongqing: A-shares have a better opportunity to rebound after the long holiday [2015/10/08 07:58]
Wang Baoan: The intent behind "China's export decline theory" is intriguing [2015/09/30 07:24]
Yu Fenghui: We must pay attention to the problem of excessive leverage in the whole society [2015/09/29 07:28]
Tan Haojun: The continuous debt default of state-owned enterprises lags behind in reforms [2015/09/28 08:14]
Xiong Jinqiu: Regulators need to stabilize the stock market through "catching monsters" [2015/09/28 08:13]
Zhou Junsheng: Public events tell you how important supervision is in the matter [2015/09/25 07:18]
Xiong Jinqiu: Three Suggestions for Improving the Shareholder Reduction System [2015/09/24 07:32]
Ye Tan: Be wary of increasing investment disputes as PMI falls [2015/09/24 07:31]
Tan Haojun: Cold thinking of Baoding Tianwei's bankruptcy and reorganization [2015/09/24 07:26]
Zhang Monan: Capital flow is the result of China's response to quantitative easing [2015/09/22 08:04]
Tan Haojun: Expect breakthroughs in mixed reform pilots in different fields [2015/09/22 07:11]
Zheng Bingwen: Nomenclature account of pension insurance also needs to expand account [2015/09/21 07:51]
Xiong Jinqiu: The behavior of manipulating the A-share market must chase the remainder to the poor [2015/09/21 07:57]
Tan Haojun: State-owned assets should fully consider risks [2015/09/21 07:16]
Ye Tan: Supervisor insists on deleveraging to create fire-resistant isolation zone [2015/09/16 07:58]
Xiong Jinqiu: The trend of stock market event-driven speculation should be cooled down [2015/09/15 07:24]
Ye Tan: The decline in A shares does not mean that the market does not vote for state-owned enterprise reform [2015/09/15 07:23]
Zhou Junsheng: The key to the reform of state-owned enterprises is to clarify the market positioning [2015/09/14 07:06]
Pan Xiangdong: Capital market will usher in a "golden period" [2015/09/14 07:26]
Li Wei, Director of China Research Center: China's new economic growth momentum is taking shape [2015/09/14 07:13]
Yu Fenghui: Why is China talking about a "lying gun" currency war? [2015/09/11 07:14]
Ye Tan: State-owned enterprise reform is the controller of market sentiment [2015/09/10 07:23]
, Li Yujia: New changes are taking place in the relationship between the stock market and the property market [2015/09/10 07:24]
Zhang Jingwei: The fusing mechanism is both a stock market emergency and a system relief [2015/09/09 07:39]
Zhang Yuan: A shares should flexibly use overseas short selling supervision experience [2015/09/09 07:39]
Ye Tan: A shares are entering the period of system reconstruction from the panic period [2015/09/09 07:38]
Mo Kaiwei: The key to consolidating the cornerstones of the economic adjustment pain period is the key [2015/09/09 07:13]
Zhou Junsheng: Giants need to follow up on market supervision [2015/09/08 07:19]
Ye Tan: China's foreign exchange reserves are still under control [2015/09/07 07:26]
Wu Chunyong: New cakes should be made in face of triple play operators [2015/09/07 07:13]
Lou Jiwei: Economic growth rate of about 7% is expected to continue for 4 to 5 years [2015/09/07 07:05]
Li Yining: Promote the reform of the agricultural reclamation system at two levels [2015/09/06 07:40]
Zhou Junsheng: The second house down payment new deal has a limited boost to the property market [2015/09/02 07:31]
Guo Haoming: We must face up to the economic damage caused by the stock market disaster [2015/08/29 08:14]
Experts: Stock market volatility cannot be attributed to imbalanced financing structure [2015/08/26 06:58]
Rogers: Buying some Chinese stocks in July has not been sold yet [2015/08/27 06:57]
Ye Tan: Why didn't the European and American markets save when the global stock market fell? [2015/08/25 07:10]
Destroying China's stock market confidence will jeopardize the overall reform [2015/08/25 07:02]
Ma Mingzhe, Chairman of Ping An of China: Connected Finance is Not a Profit [2015/08/25 07:17]
Yi Xianrong: The global stock market plummeted due to liquidity crisis [2015/08/24 07:57]
Zheng Bingwen: Pension fund investment is good for the capital market [2015/08/24 07:55]
Ye Tan: Can pensions underpin the stock market and large projects? [2015/08/24 07:55]
Xiong Jinqiu: The concept of stock speculation in the market is excessive speculation [2015/08/24 07:55]
Ji Feng: Investment Opportunities Brought by Deep Data [2015/08/24 07:56]
Ye Tan: Resolving risks through shocks is an effective way to deal with the crisis [2015/08/21 07:31]
Zhang Jingwei: Shock is the normal state of the stock market's "post-securities" era [2015/08/20 10:52]
Yi Xianrong: Financial derivatives or the culprit that caused the stock market to fall [2015/08/20 10:52]
Ye Tan: It is not a concept to judge whether the reform cow is over [2015/08/20 10:52]
Ye Tan: The sharp drop in A shares reflects the global austerity crisis [2015/08/19 07:23]
Tan Haojun: Financing guarantee institutions should play the role of "drip irrigation" [2015/08/18 07:49]
Yu Fenghui: 3 million funding ceiling for equity crowdfunding is high or low [2015/08/18 07:15]
Ye Tan: Stabilizing the stock market can ease the pressure on the central bank [2015/08/18 07:14]
Zhang Monan: "Belt and Road" requires the financial participation of all countries [2015/08/17 07:31]
Tan Haojun: The salary reform of state-owned enterprise executives must step out of the limit circle [2015/08/18 07:15]
Yu Fenghui: Can't read only half of the information that "the security will not withdraw" [2015/08/17 07:29]
Tan Haojun: There will be no continuous devaluation of the RMB [2015/08/14 07:32]
Zhou Junsheng: We cannot observe depreciation from the perspective of exports only [2015/08/14 06:49]
Yu Fenghui: Why the RMB exchange rate "corrected" [2015/08/12 07:01]
Yan Tan: One-step adjustment of RMB can avoid vicious circle [2015/08/12 07:25]
Yi Xianrong: Stability expectation is the next goal to save the market [2015/08/11 08:18]
Xiong Jinqiu: Can't just rely on the input of Zhengjin Company to stabilize the market [2015/08/10 07:19]
Ye Tan: Zhenhua HAECO missed reform opportunities can not be missed again [2015/08/10 07:20]
Tan Haojun: Defining the red line for interest rates is conducive to regulating the development of online loan platforms [2015/08/07 06:58]
Yu Fenghui: If the RMB is included in the SDR, it will be good if it is postponed [2015/08/07 06:57]
Xiong Jinqiu: It is urgent to improve the mechanism for major shareholder disputes [2015/08/07 06:56]
Yu Fenghui: The supervision of abnormal trading accounts should not be "one size fits all" [2015/08/04 07:20]
Wu Xiaoqiu: The number of listed companies is expected to reach 3,800 in 2020 [2015/08/03 09:21]
Financial leverage is a double-edged sword [2015/08/03 09:09]
, The supervision of online payment business should be unified with “three genders [2015/08/03 09:14]
Longteng Asset Wu Xianfeng: The market observation period in the next few months [2015/08/03 09:15]
CCB Fund Peng Yunfeng: Short-term and medium-term debt market outlook [2015/08/03 09:15]
Wang Tao: Infrastructure investment is expected to resume in the third quarter [2015/07/31 07:18]
Rogers: Bull market has a new round of bull market in China after overcoming fear [2015/07/31 08:20]
Huang Yiping: RMB internationalization needs to meet three types of conditions [2015/07/31 07:18]
Pi Haizhou : Everyone needs to pick up firewood to maintain the stability of the stock market [2015/07/30 07:19]
Xiong Jinqiu: Should control the major shareholders to transfer the liquidation and reduce their holdings by agreement [2015/07/30 07:40]
Tan Haojun: Declining profit highlights the urgency of state-owned enterprise reform [2015/07/29 07:10]
Li Daokui: Stock market decline is not a crisis but a fire drill [2015/07/29 07:09]
Ye Tan: Investors should be in awe of the market but not afraid of the market [2015/07/28 07:11]
KPMG: Cannot deny equity pledge due to liquidation of equity [2015/07/28 07:07]
Tan Haojun: The main cause of the renewed stock market shock is outside the market [2015/07/28 07:24]
Pi Haizhou : Pension System Calls for System Innovation [2015/07/27 07:35]
Xiong Jinqiu: The government must follow the market rules to stabilize the market [2015/07/27 07:43]
Tan Haojun: The reform of state-owned enterprises must solve the problem of "redundant staff" of senior executives [2015/07/27 07:11]
Ye Tan: Zhengjin Company is the last choice after the market stabilizes [2015/07/27 08:26]
Feng Haining: Keep alert to the rapid growth of housing loans [2015/07/24 07:11]
Ye Tan: The national team needs more skills to retreat than the charge [2015/07/23 07:59]
Ye Tan: High-risk funding can't talk about financial innovation [2015/07/22 07:19]
Tan Haojun: Mo moved the foundation of stock market stability [2015/07/21 08:08]
Zhou Junsheng: Strict supervision of Internet finance is for better development [2015/07/20 07:53]
Chen Yuhui: Adhere to the safety margin of investment [2015/07/20 07:25]
Xu Lirong : The market needs time to change space [2015/07/20 07:23]
Zhang Ping: Steady growth in the second half of the year must continue to make efforts [2015/07/17 08:37]
Cao Zhongming: Thoroughly clean up off-site funding [2015/07/17 07:55]
Xiong Jinqiu: Stabilizing the stock market must further reduce leverage [2015/07/17 07:52]
Ye Tan: How can trading companies thrive in the stock market? [2015/07/17 07:52]
Ye Tan: The stock market disaster in Shanghai a hundred years ago is worth reflecting on [2015/07/16 08:45]
Zhang Monan : China should actively respond to currency swap networks [2015/07/15 07:49]
Ye Tan: The rise of house prices in the sub-center is the market choice for resource concentration [2015/07/15 08:04]
Tan Haojun: How much 6.56 trillion new loans flowed into the stock market in the first half of the year [2015/07/15 08:03]
Yu Fenghui : Hengsheng HOMS who let Ma Yun lay a gun is not injustice [2015/07/15 07:47]
Yan Tan: Put the leveraged tiger into the cage completely [2015/07/14 08:01]
Yu Ronghua: "Niu Niu" holding Beijing's development [2015/07/14 08:01]
Guan Qingyou and Zhu Zhenxin: It is difficult to reproduce the global mad cow [2015/07/14 08:01]
Zhang Jingwei: Greek crisis alert is temporarily lifted but risks remain [2015/07/14 08:01]
Ye Tan: There are three boundaries of stable markets that cannot be crossed [2015/07/13 07:56]
Zhang Jingwei: Stabilizing the stock market demonstrates China's economic governance executive power [2015/07/13 07:55]
Li Shuguang: Should consider stabilizing funds into the Securities Law [2015/07/13 07:55]
Li Yaoshen : Stocks or funds, this is a question [2015/07/13 07:55]
Wu Xiaoqiu: Investors should not panic. The day is coming soon [2015/07/09 07:07]
Xianrong Rong : It still takes time to restore confidence after deleveraging [2015/07/08 07:40]
Ye Tan: To stabilize the stock market, you must have food in your hands and keep your heart in mind [2015/07/08 07:39]
Zhang Yidong: A-share investment opportunities gradually appear [2015/07/07 07:44]
Xue Hexiang: The policy effect shows that the market has gradually built up and stabilized [2015/07/07 07:43]
Yu Yugen : "Transitional cow" has not slowed down, and cows are healthier [2015/07/07 07:42]
, Li Guowang: It will take some time for policies and measures to take effect [2015/07/07 07:22]
Chen Xiaosheng: The basic logic of the bull market has not been broken [2015/07/07 07:20]
Zhou Kejing: Why is the key 4500 point [2015/07/06 07:57]
Yi Xianrong: The rescue mobilizer must aim the muzzle short [2015/07/06 07:24]
Liu Weiwei: Severely punish those who violate the law and short Chinese stock market [2015/07/03 07:13]
Ye Tan: Whose conspiracy? Yin's scheme? [2015/07/03 07:13]
Cao Zhongming: The stock market quake calls for the stabilization fund [2015/07/03 07:26]
Ye Tan: Euro area faces risks China promises to support [2015/07/02 07:00]
Pi Haizhou : IPO should be postponed to boost stock market confidence [2015/07/02 07:30]
Zhou Junsheng: Pensions do not have to be targeted to save the market [2015/07/01 07:20]
Wan Limei: What are the potential risks in the return of China Stocks? [2015/06/30 07:43]
Access conditions for private banks have been released [2015/06/30 07:18]
Yang Xiaojia: Building a financial service ecosystem for small, medium and micro enterprises [2015/06/30 07:13]
Yu Fenghui : Breaking the rigid payment to restore the real market [2015/06/30 07:13]
Shen Wanhongyuan Wang Sheng: A shares may have a break in the medium term [2015/06/29 07:25]
Yu Fenghui: Slowly Issue Securities Dealer Licence to Banks [2015/06/26 07:19]
Xiang Kun: LeTV shocked a question mark to the A-share market in a week [2015/06/25 08:48]
Xiong Jinqiu: Say no to deal with a major shareholder whose price-earnings ratio exceeds 50 times [2015/06/25 08:48]
Pi Haizhou: Liu Weiwei missed this time [2015/06/25 07:33]
Xiong Jinqiu: Prevent Liangrong "amplifier" from amplifying market risks [2015/06/24 07:26]
Yang Xiaojia: Institutional innovation in future market competition [2015/06/19 07:40]
Lu Huan: Red, green? Property market, stock market? [2015/06/19 07:35]
Zhou Junsheng: Increase the effectiveness of investment as hard leverage [2015/06/19 07:24]
Zhang Yujun: Strongly support the development of asset management industry [2015/06/19 07:10]
Yu Fenghui: Consensus on the three major issues of mixed banking reform [2015/06/18 07:14]
Ye Tan: Low-interest corporate bonds frequently trigger fiery M & A [2015/06/17 07:58]
Yu Fenghui: The large amount of certificates of deposit suffered cold weather due to departure from the market [2015/06/17 07:58]
Tan Haojun: Ensuring the loss of foreign capital is the first step [2015/06/17 07:20]
Xiong Jinqiu: Improve the refinancing system to prevent listed companies from circling money [2015/06/16 07:31]
Zhang Monan: The core of China-US investment agreement negotiation is the negative list [2015/06/16 07:31]
Ye Tan: Say goodbye to the soaring pleasure to usher in slow cows with deeper pain [2015/06/16 07:11]
Zhou Zixun: To welcome the return of China Stocks, we need to think more about why it went out at first [2015/06/16 07:14]
Pi Haizhou: Protecting small and medium investors cannot be simply refused [2015/06/15 07:36]
Ye Tan: Small and micro enterprises financing your bank also has hidden words [2015/06/12 07:19]
Pi Haizhou: MSCI's temporary rejection of A shares is not a bad thing [2015/06/12 07:44]
Zhou Junsheng: Supporting public entrepreneurship should not only look at new enterprises [2015/06/11 07:35]
Tan Haojun: Where does the Internet stock "demon" come from [2015/06/10 07:24]
Yan Tan: Eliminate excess capacity through "Smart Manufacturing Era" [2015/06/10 07:05]
Lian Ping: The overall liquidity growth in the Chinese market is relatively stable [2015/06/10 07:19]
Zhou Kejing: The premise of Slow Bull is that investors believe in value investment [2015/06/09 07:22]
Gui Haoming: "Two-wheel drive" market can reach a new high [2015/06/08 07:12]
Pi Haizhou: The rumors against the stock market should be moved [2015/06/08 07:21]
Xiong Jinqiu: How to protect the rights of investors in the event of a failure of the brokerage system [2015/06/08 07:21]
Cao Zhongming: The small and medium shareholders "control" the board is a benchmark [2015/06/05 07:08]
Ye Tan: I hope there is not much window guidance attached to the transaction of large deposits [2015/06/05 07:24]
Pi Haizhou: Focus on the high valuation level of the A-share market [2015/06/04 07:28]
Ye Tan: A-share internationalization still needs to break the institutional constraints [2015/06/04 07:26]
Corning: Large deposit certificates will make banks compete in the bayonet [2015/06/04 07:22]
Ye Tan: Leading interest rates down The central bank passed a healthy slow bull signal [2015/06/03 08:01]
Guan Qingyou: Steady growth under the new normal is not an administrative intervention [2015/06/03 08:00]
Zhang Jingwei: PSL is the central bank's diversification of monetary policy towards intensive transformation [2015/06/03 08:19]
Pi Haizhou: "Lahei" Refraction of the Two Harmonies in Peace [2015/06/02 08:39]
Xiong Jinqiu: There is no requirement to force Huijin to increase its holdings but not reduce them [2015/06/01 07:38]
Corning: Large deposit certificates will make banks compete in the bayonet [2015/06/04 07:39]
Zhou Kejing: Why did the Guoheng Railway delist? [2015/06/01 07:27]
Ye Tan: A-share internationalization still needs to break the institutional constraints [2015/06/04 07:40]

$ 10,000 per person, great

From the perspective of the new securities law: How much will Kangmei Pharmaceutical be punished for financial fraud?

Net red economy changes for ten years: originator Chen Ou lost US stocks? New owner Li Jiaqi with fire A shares

Two LeTV networks can't lose it! * ST Salt Lake topped the A-share "Loss King"

1.76 billion! Mingli shares actual controller receives sky-high price ticket

Brokerage commissions increased by 33% year-on-year to 79.7 billion

New securities law like "Bao Zheng"

The post-80s and post-90s become the main consumers of consumption

In the past, the soy milk king dropped the altar of Weiwei and sold white wine and engaged in coal mines to sell houses.

Jilin Sengong plans to purchase 162 sets of indirect blood transfusion control parties from related parties?

Kang Enbei's 220 million transfer of Jiahe Biological's equity income of 47 million financial expenses increased by 60% year-on-year

Space intelligence to change hands or pave the way for state-owned backdoors, the Ministry of Transport will have two A-share platforms

Xiangpiaopiao issued 860 million bets on new products, gross profit margin was only 23,000 yuan for half a year

Easy fundraising, fundraising, tying mutual aid products, frequently harassing users to write agreements

Vision China was interviewed yesterday to limit the limit and still have 16 funds heavy positions

During the year, 4 securities firms were fined 105 million yuan, urging "janitors" to work diligently and internally and externally.

Jinling Pharmaceutical Cancels Liquidation Subsidiary's Revenue in First Three Quarters Down 15.9%

Why is the “Flower of Science and Technology Innovation Board” in the Yangtze River Delta so popular?

Users report that Yin Yuetai video cannot be played, founder has exited core management

Shanxi Fen's attack is chaotic like Li Qiuxi's ten-year transcript?

Forefront biological equity transfer is now 0 yuan consideration and the inquiry will be suspended before replying to the inquiry letter

Ocean King's two restructurings have failed in 4 years, and the debt ratio is as low as 8.72%.

Young people who have experienced "naked speech"

L'Oreal fined 200,000, why is cosmetics a false propaganda "heavy disaster area"?

Light Cloud Technology's 6 core technologies without patents. 90% of its main product revenue depends on Alibaba

Koala credit investigation suspected of leaking 100 million citizens' information

The same is true of restricted stocks. Why is there only a limit for Chinese people to limit their losses?

With a few brushes, tens of thousands of concert tickets "deformation meter"

Taking off the hat of "elimination industry" virtual currency mining spring is coming?

36 Nasdaq broke "water seller" on the first day of listing, tells new story